I see a high battery consumption on Android. What could be wrong?

Our SDK is designed to run in the background and monitor certain inputs periodically which are used to provide the callbacks. The Android OS will at certain times shut down your app to save battery, that is when the SDK uses wake-ups to do the necessary operations and send the callback notifications.

Given this intended behavior, it is recommended that you carefully review what kind of work you perform in your "Application.onCreate()" as it will be called every time your app is woken up by any process in the background. You should be sure that tasks which should only run in the foreground, actually do execute whilst in the foreground or that any requests to your API (or similar requests) only get performed when explicitly requested through user interaction. Otherwise, you might see an unintended higher use of the device's battery.

If you face any different behavior please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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