How can I test the SDK?

To make sure that you have integrated correctly our SDK before going live please follow the instructions below to test your implementation before (and after) you submit the app to the stores. 

We have conducted user research and built our algorithm to support our typical users behavior. The best test environment is to use the demo in your everyday environment for 5-10 days with different devices if possible.

For an example, the typical user behavior for "arrival detection" of our customers looks like this:

  1. Leave your home or work and launch the application, ensuring you have a reliable data connection.
  2. Turn on data, GPS, wifi, turn off flight mode, give all app permissions and disable all kinds of battery saving modes.
  3. Leave the app running in the background of your phone and return your phone to your pocket.
  4. Take your trip with any mode of transport (car, train, bike, etc.) for at least 5 minutes and a distance of at least 1km.
  5. User walks for at least 2 minutes and then remains “stationary” for at least 10 minutes.
  6. Use your phone freely as you would outside the test.



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