What are common issues with the Android integration?

With Android devices:

  • Use same version of Google Play Services in the whole project which predict.io SDK is using. E.g. if predict.io SDK requires 9.0.1 than use google analytics library of 9.0.1 version as well.
  • Make sure your app is Compatible With Marshmallow (6.0) devices and prompt user for required permissions before starting tracker.
  • Make sure you add SDK ProGuard Rules in your project's ProGuard file.
  • Make sure you have given your SDK key in your manifest file and also have added required permissions under manifest tag and required services and receivers under application tag.
  • Location\GPS should be enabled\ON in smartphone's settings.
  • Airplane mode should be disabled\OFF in smartphone's settings, as predict.io SDK is suspended in Airplane mode for optimal battery performance.
  • Device should have internet access while SDK's start() method is invoked.
  • Power/Battery saving mode should be disabled\off in device settings.
  • Testing predict.io SDK is not possible on any emulator.
  • If you are having any issue regarding SDK integration or callbacks, then first try to test provided PredictIOSample (make sure you add your API key in the sample project). If issue still persist then zip and email your PredictIOSample along with your API key and APK file to us.
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